About us

Who we are

Active Sports Essex runs Sport sessions and activities for all ages. Our experienced team promote sport, inclusiveness and the importance of team work.

Active Sports in Essex was born in 2018, a group of sporting instructors from different sporting backgrounds who are now taking the next step in the local community.

Our instructors have lots of experience within clubs and schools in the area and have joined forces to ensure the community gets the best possible tastes of a range of sports using the best facilities along the way.

Active Sports Essex focuses on children getting sporting opportunities to try a range of sports, encouraging participation, team work and health and wellbeing.

Active Sports Essex currently works alongside Youth Trust, Fusion Lifestyle Clements Hall, Rayleigh Leisure Centre, Witham Leisure Centre, Halstead Leisure Centre, Southend Council and Active Essex to ensure the very best opportunities are created.

Our vision

Each child and Young Person is inspired to believe and achieve their potential.


We honour sensitively the values, rights and needs of others and embrace the diversity provided by each individual, irrespective of culture, orientation, race, class or gender.


We build trust through loyalty, honesty, ethical standards and fairness.

Positive Attitude

We teach children and Young People that a positive attitude is essential to overcoming the challenges of competition and life.

Charity & Fundraising

Active Sports Essex Team organise and take part in different fundraisers every year, we believe in supporting Charities and the local community.

In the last 2 years we have raised in excess of £10,000! We’re always fundraising, keep a look out for updates and how you can get involved and take part.